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Why Is Your Screen Protector So Fragile? The Truth About Glass Quality

The Reality of Soda-Lime Glass in Mobile Accessories

In the vast sea of mobile accessories, 90% of brands opt for soda-lime glass, the most cost-effective yet common glass used today. It dominates about 90% of the global glass production. However, the trade-off is its fragility—it easily succumbs to breakage from hard impacts or uneven pressure, features poor heat resistance, cannot be strengthened, and suffers from low light transmittance that significantly dims the user experience.

The market is flooded with products crafted from soda-lime glass, often wrapped in attractive packaging that masks their inferior quality. This not only misleads consumers but also makes these screen protectors less durable, necessitating frequent replacements—a needless drain on time and resources.

The Exceptional Choice: Medium and High Alumina Glass

A mere 1% of conscientious manufacturers choose to go the extra mile by using medium and high alumina glass—defined as glass with an alumina content higher than 6%. While this glass meets the scratch-resistant requirements essential for touch screens, its toughness levels are not ideal, and its edges are prone to chipping. Typically, only premium brand suppliers that collaborate directly with iPhone stores opt for this material, which can lead to exorbitant prices that deter the average consumer.

Why AndyQ® Uses Superior German Glass: A Comparative Analysis

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iphone tempered glass

At AndyQ®, we differentiate ourselves by utilizing high-quality German glass for our iPhone tempered glass. Here’s how German glass stands out compared to its counterparts:

High Transmittance

AndyQ® iPhone tempered glass boasts up to 92.7% light transmittance, ensuring crystal clear clarity and an unmatched viewing experience.

Enhanced Durability

Our selected German glass undergoes a unique thermal treatment process, significantly increasing its hardness to levels well above industry standards.

Scratch Resistance

Engineered to withstand over 8000 frictions, AndyQ® glass outperforms others in durability tests, making it the ultimate choice for consumers seeking long-lasting protection.

Innovative Processing

By integrating cutting-edge UV printing technology and precision CNC cutting, every AndyQ® tempered glass protector is crafted to exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal protection for your iPhone.


While the majority of the market leans towards more economically priced materials, AndyQ® commits to providing an elite product crafted from premium German glass. This not only enhances the protective qualities of our screen protectors but also aligns with our dedication to delivering a superior user experience.

Stay tuned to our blog for more insights into how AndyQ® is setting new standards in the mobile accessory industry with our pioneering technologies and uncompromising quality standards.